UAB Proreta customers trust us because of decades of shared experience and consistently delivered product quality.

We entered this market to fill in the gap for our customers – we provide them with products of indisputable quality. We know how important it is to maintain production accuracy and consistency when selling truck body parts – even the slightest shift of shape can make the product completely unusable. If, however, it is usable, it may require additional costs to be spent on modifications, and in the worst-case scenario, you will need to buy a completely new part.
We prevent this from happening by producing our products in partner companies, where we directly control the quality of production processes.

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Truck parts for sale

We sell new and used truck body parts that are fully adapted to the respective truck models. Our product range includes high-quality truck lights, headlamps, and tail light bulbs. They can be extended life, simple or heavy-duty specific bulbs (i.e., reinforced bulbs for tail lights).



Truck models

We sell truck body parts of the most famous transport brands: DAF, Scania, MAN, Volvo, Renault, Mercedes Benz, Iveco, and others.



We serve the largest carriers in Lithuania

Our provided car body parts meet the standards set by the vehicle manufacturers, and they are also accepted as genuine by dealers. Leased trucks that contain Proreta parts can still be returned without difficulty – even if the dealer requires the vehicle to be repaired only with original units.

We also know the essentials of smooth logistics – that is, we make sure that all our customers can drive without any worry on their minds. They know that even in a traffic accident their vehicle is in great hands!

It is very important to help ensure smooth logistics in Lithuania, so we make sure that all our customers drive calmly and without worries, and in the event of a traffic accident, they know that their vehicle is in good hands.